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Why Has My Credit Dropped Overnight?

When you applied to host a service with us you agreed to pay a recurring monthly plan fee plus tolling fees and charges. You are charged a recurring monthly fee even if you do not receive any calls or you do not use the service or features.

You are a Pay In Advance customer. "Pay In Advance" is not a "recharge system" or a "pay-as-you-go system". Pay In Advance means you need to have credit on your account to avoid suspension of services. If your credit drops to zero or you go into debit you will still be charged the recurring monthly plan fee even if your service is suspended. If you wish to cancel your service please go to our Cancellation Request Form

So, at the start of each month you pay the flat minimum monthly fee plus any additional tolling charges etc. The monthly fee is a fixed recurring charge and you pay this fixed minimum monthly fee even if you don't use the service or take any calls.

That means at the start of each month your credit will immediately drop by the amount of your minimum monthly plan charge plus any tolling charges and any other applicable fees and charges.

To avoid auto-suspension of services you need to Top-up your credit. You can add funds (top-up) to your account online through your Customer Toolbox

Suspension of services does not mean your account is cancelled. You still pay the recurring monthly plan fee even if you don't take any calls or use the service.

You can view the amount that was deducted from your available credit by viewing your most recent invoice. You can download you innvoices through your Customer Toolbox.

Why Is My Service Not Working?

One of the most common reasons a service is not working is that you have run out of credit on your account.

As a Pay In Advance customer you need to keep your account in credit 24/7 to avoid auto-suspension. If your credit balance is zero or negative (not in credit) your service has been auto-suspended. This means your service(s) will remain suspended until you "Top-up" your credit. Also you need to Top-up now to avoid auto-disconnection (cancellation) of your service(s) within 21 days of the date of your most recent invoice.

To un-suspend your service(s) you need to Top-up your credit. You can Top-up by logging into your Customer Toolbox and making an online Top-up payment with your visa or mastercard credit/debit card.

Your service(s) will be restored instantly upon making payment through the Customer Toolbox. If you make payment by other means e.g. Bpay the un-suspending of each service may take up to 3 working days after receipt of cleared funds.

You can view the amount that was deducted from your available credit by viewing your most recent invoice. You can download you innvoices through your Customer Toolbox.

To find out more about Pay In Advance go to Pay In Advance FAQ

How To Avoid Running Out Of Credit

To avoid running out of credit, we have a number of options in place in your Customer Toolbox to asist you to maintain your account in credit. However, it is entirly your reapoanbilty to ensure to do not run out of credit particulary after business hours.

  1. In 'frequency', you will receive a weekly Credit notification email (initially set as a default) to let you know how much credit is on your account. You can change this to a particular day of the week or even to 'daily' notifications.
  2. If you go below the dollar amount in the 'Critical Balance' (initially set to $5.00 as a default amount), credit notification emails will occur daily regardless of preference frequency settings. Once your credit is topped up above the specified 'Critical Balance' amount, you will continue to receive weekly Credit notification emails.
  3. If you run out of credit at any time during the day, you will be sent an email so you can top up straight away and keep receiving calls throughout the day.
  4. At the start of each calendar month, an 'End of Month' (EOM) processing will occur, if you receive an email, this email will state the credit you currently have on your account and later that day the bill run will occur and you may not have enough credit on your account to keep the account active. This EOM email will state the approximate amount your account will go into debit, please make sure you read the email top up accordingly.
How To Change 1300/1800 Number Destination (Answerpoint) 24/7
1300 number real-time destination changes

Your Customer Toolbox is a real-time web based user interface. Unlike the rest of our competitors, you can change your 1300/1800 number destination in real-time 24/7 from any where in the world.

Destination number formats:

You must enter your destination number/s in the following format or your service/s will not function.

  • Australian landline numbers: state area code + landline number eg 0298765432 - NOT 61298765432
  • Australian mobile numbers: only the mobile eg 0419000000 - NOT 61419000000
  • International destination numbers: Please contact us.
Cost to change your 1300 number destination

Your 1300 Number hosting plan includes one free destination change per service per invoice month. Thereafter, 10c ($0.10) + GST per destination change per service per month.