1300 and 1800 Troubleshooting For Service Difficulties and Faults

Did you know your 1300 or 1800 inbound number merely imitates (piggy-backs) the configuration of your destination landline, mobile or other destination services eg Voic Over Internet Protocol (VoIp), VoIP hardware, VoIP equipment, VoIP software, VoIP services, smart mobile phones etc.

This means that the majority of reported 1300/1800 number service difficulties or faults are usually caused by our customers' other fixed landline, VoIP (IP telephony), cable telephony or mobile phone services and associated configurations.

NO FAULT INVESTIGATION FEES: Our Customer Support Team is here to assist you promptly to investigate and resolve any service difficulty genuinely related to the services provided by us. However, if you report a service fault that is unrelated to a service provided by us or a fault caused by (or incompatibility with) another Service Provider's network, then we reserve the right to recover our time costs by charging a minimum fee of $50 per 15 minutes or part thereof for the time taken for our Customer Support Team and/or network engineers to investigate and identify the fault on your behalf which has been identified as caused by others and not caused by us.