1300 and 1800 Inbound Network Description

Both 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are described as inbound services hosted on an inbound network. Other networks include outbound, mobile, satellite, Voip etc.

1300 and 1800 Virtual Inbound Numbers

Both 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are described as Virtual Inbound Numbers because they 'piggy-back' other network services such as landline, mobile, Voip, Voice2Email, Fax2Email, Live Answer etc.

1300 and 1800 Numbers... The Real Difference

1300 Number Advantages:
  1. Most widely recognised number service in Australia. Look around... they are everywhere!
  2. Just the cost of a local call to anywhere across Australia.
  3. No software or hardware required. It's all cloud based.
  4. Wide variety of hosting plans to suit start-up businesses through to corporate customers.

2 Types of 1300 Numbers

  • 1300 Lucky Dip Numbers™: These are standard generic type 1300 numbers owned by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and issued to Telecommunication Providers. A 1300 Lucky Dip Number™ contains a random mix of 6 numbers after the “1300″. You can view our list of currently available 1300 Lucky Dip Numbers™ by clicking here.

  • Highly Memorable 1300 Flash Numbers™: These are easy recall 1300 numbers known as Flash Numbers™ starting at just $10 a month. Flash Numbers™ are a combination of sequential numbers or double and triples digits. You can view our list of currently available 1300 Flash Numbers™ by clicking here.

Velox Telco 1300 Number Features:

Each 1300 Number Comes With Loads Of Free Features:
We offer heavily discounted Introduction Rates compared to our main competitors. We do this to give new customers an opportunity to trial our range of included features inside our unique Custmer Tool Box.

Included Features:
  1. 24/7 Real Time Destination Changes
  2. Call Forwarding
  3. Multiple Call Overflow
  4. Time Routing
  5. Day Routing
  6. Whisper Alert
  7. Business Introduction Audio
  8. Caller Identification
  9. Voice To Email (or Fax To Email)
  10. Live Call Reporting and much more...

Velox Telco 1300 Number Benefits:

  • $5 A Month Hosting - No Gotcha's:
    You can start on just $5 per month hosting + call costs. Suits small start-up businesses.
  • Real Time 1300 Number Divert:
    You can change where your 1300 numbers diverts real-time, anytime. Just login, change your diversion (answer point) and then submit your change to activate live.
  • Instant Online 1300 Lucky Dip Number™ and 1300 Flash Number™ Activation:
    If you choose a 1300 Lucky Dip Numbers™ or a and 1300 Flash Number™ you can have it instantly activated online, real-time. (Excludes 1300 SmartNumbers™ activations and 1300 number transfers to us)
  • No Lock-In Contracts:
    If a Telco insists on a term contract, walk away. We don't have term contracts. You can transfer your account at anytime. Just give us one calendar month's notice.