1800 Lucky Dip Numbers™

What is a 1800 Lucky Dip Number™?

A 1800 Lucky Dip Number™ is a 1800 number allocated to you from a national pool of 1800 numbers held with The Australian Communications and Media Authority known as ACMA.

All 1800 numbers allocated by ACMA are recycled 1800 numbers from previous businesses that no longer have a use for a 1800 number. This means you may receive unwanted calls for the previous business.

If I Choose A 1800 Lucky Dip Number™ Will It Always Be Mine?

You will have a Right Of Use (ROU) with us to use your 1800 Lucky Dip Number™ provided your account remains in good order and you pay for your services as agreed. You will lose the Right Of Use (ROU) if you cancel the service or your account is closed.

How Do I Pay For My 1800 Number?

When you apply for a Velox Telco 1800 number service, you are automatically setup on our "Pay In Advance" billing platform where your services are paid for in advance. We do not offer "recharge" billing or "pay-as-you-go" billing.

Velox Telco 1800 Number Benefits:

1800 Number Hosting Rates

Included Value Plans $5

Qualifying Monthly Spend









BONUS Included Monthly Call Value (1) $15 $35 $70

Minimum Monthly Cost = $5
(Full Details)
= $15
(Full Details)
= $35
(Full Details)
= $70
(Full Details)

Calls answered by your landline(2)
Calls answered by your mobile (3)

No Contracts
No Cancellation Fee
Free Setup
24/7, Real-Time Destination Changes
9 Prompt IVR
Multiple Call Oveflow
Live Call Reporting Data
Itemised Call Records
Voice2Email or Fax2Email
Caller ID
Time of Day Routing
Time Based Routing
Whisper Alert
Business Introduction Message

Things You Should Know

Prices exclude competitors, GST and all offers read in accordance with our Terms Of Agreement.
(1) Bonus Included Monthly Call Value includes all call types including calls to international destinations and other 1300/1800 number destinations.
(2) Calls answered by your landline means calls originated in Australia either on a landline or mobile phone. Excludes calls from satelite phones, international numbers, other toll-free and premium rates numbers.
(3) Calls answered by your mobile means calls originated in Australia either on a landline or mobile phone and answered on your mobile phone. Excludes calls from satelite phones, international numbers, other toll-free and premium rates numbers.

Download The 1300/1800 Inbound Critical Information Summary

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